What is a Gua Sha? & how to use it!

November 17, 2020


What is a Gua Sha? Do any of us truly know… (kidding) I used to consider myself quite advanced in the skincare field, however, when I came across this item, I was stunned. I never knew what it was, what to use it for and never really heard the word that often.


I learned that a Gua Sha originated from ancient Chinese medicine, which scrapes people’s skin. It provides you with skin benefits, as well as can heal you. After scraping on your body, it produces some light red marks on your skin. It is important to use it safely, because if used incorrectly it could cause skin damage. You do not need to apply pressure to the face. 


To start your gua sha process, make sure you have a moisturizer or serum on your face. Without this, unnecessary tugging can occur.

You can use a gua sha anywhere from once a week to each day in the week. If you have the goal of relieving tension in your muscles and minimizing wrinkles, it would be in your best interest to use a gua sha each day. People call it “the Botox of the Far East”. It promotes lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity.


Start by softly running the gua sha up your neck and run it along your face in elegant strokes. It will also assist with “tech neck” (neck tension due to looking down at our technology). It is recommended to work from the center of the chin outwards, from the nose to the side of the cheeks, between the eyebrows and across your forehead. 


The gua sha will make your face feel smooth, refreshed, and your skin is likely to be even toned. The history of the gua sha is to promote healthy collagen production. While the gua sha may not be for everyone, there are thousands that definitely love it! 


An account we follow on instagram that shares there product and shows you all the ways to use a gua sha! 


@Mount Lai


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