The best skin-care tools on amazon!

November 9, 2020




At-home skin-care tools can be totally hit or miss; it’s smart to check with your dermatologist to see what works best for your skin... or you could listen to a TikTok derm if you don’t have your own! While it might not be the first place you look for skincare tools, Amazon has a ton of amazing picks. 



While this isn’t a skin-care tool, per se, a silk pillowcase is essential to keeping your skin fresh. Silk pillowcases are known to reduce the acceleration of wrinkles since it is a smooth surface with little friction. Your facial skin will tug less on a silk pillowcase, as opposed to a cotton pillowcase. Also, the smoothness of the silk is less likely to absorb moisturizer from your face, which will keep your skin more hydrated. The one linked above from Amazon is a best-seller and an ultimate favorite. 



Next, I would recommend getting a face steamer.  The steam will open the pores on your face and soften the skin. Through this, the bacteria build-up (otherwise known as zits) that were clogging your pores can be freed. I would recommend using a blackhead remover right after a steam since this is when it’s easiest to pop pimples and remove blackheads! When you go in for a facial, aestheticians usually begin by using a facial steamer. Your face will also be freshly hydrated after steaming, giving you a beautiful glow. It is recommended to steam only a few times a week, to prevent aggravated skin and flare-ups of rosacea. 


The middle of your steam is the perfect time to cleanse your face (using your cleanser of choice) and exfoliate. Many of my friends use a facial cleansing brush to achieve the perfectly cleansed skin they dream of having. The use of a facial cleansing brush can help you easily remove makeup that won’t come off, as well as deeply exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Once you cleanse and exfoliate, steam for a few more minutes so you can apply moisturizers and serums that will deeply enter your opened pores. 



One of my favorite moisturizers is the SkinCeuticals the SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Eye Complex. This eye cream from SkinCeuticals is widely loved and highly rated by dermatologists all around the world. It reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles, but also combats the aging process by slowing advanced glycation. Its silky-smooth formula is refreshing for your under-eyes and can also reduce dark circles and puffiness. I haven’t met someone who didn’t love it. 


Lastly, I would recommend rolling on a facemask. The Lancôme Genifique Hydrating Mask is another one of my favorites. While this mask is pricey, it is undoubtedly my favorite. I used a jade roller to roll this mask on, giving my face a nice massage and press. This deeply pushed the serums from the mask into my skin, leaving my skin feeling intensely hydrated and smooth. It immediately makes your skin radiant, glowing, and plump. The benefits of a jade roller include boosting your circulation, improving skin elasticity, and minimizing fine lines. Another alternative to the jade roller is the ice roller, which shrinks your pores, and minimizes inflammation. Ice rolling also contributes to lymphatic drainage, reducing redness, and contributes to anti-aging as well. 


That’s all for my Amazon skin-care favorites. The best thing about these all is that they’re relatively inexpensive, and you can see noticeable changes quickly. 


Pamper on, skin-care lovers. 


Jolie Zindman

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