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October 14, 2020


Have you been trying to start a new health kick and you just don't know where to start with your food shop? Well good job we have put one together for you! When it comes to being healthy it's super important to make sure that you find the right things that suit you! You can still get super yummy cheat style food, like pizza and still have it as a healthy as well! So We put together a go to Waitrose shopping list for you to get started on your health kick!


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De Cecco Wholewheat Penne Rigate £1.99


Pasta is something that we eat all the time! By having brown pasta it's a lot better for you and also the packaging is better for the planet!


Califia Farms XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee with Almond £1.99


The perfect cold brew drink! throw this on some ice and add some almond milk and you have the best iced coffee!

Califia Farms almond milk £2.40


Everyone needs a good plant based milk for there morning coffee or tea and we found the best one for you! try to use almond milk over soya as it's better for the planet!



Moving Mountains 2 plant based sausage burgers £3.60


Feel like having a nice burger meal, well these are one of the best plant based options for a good burger meal!

Duchy Medjool Dates £2.75 


The perfect snack to keep you away from the 
chocolate! They are just as sweet if not sweeter! Don't be put off with the look of them, trust me they are the best!

Essential Spinach £1.50


The perfect base to any salad you want to make is your go to spinach!


 Celery 70p

Thinking of doing the celery juice challenge? Well your gonna need these! Celery juice has been well know'n for being a great drink to have in the morning to get your day started. There is also so many health benefits that comes with drinking celery juice!


Asparagus Tips £2.00


Asparagus are a 
great vegetable to have on the side with any meal, healthy and filling!

 Puka Supreme Matcha green tea 20 sachets £3.00


The best thing to wind down at the end of a busy day is a green tea! Here's our got to green tea matcha!You can also mix this with milk and you have a super cute green tea matcha!


 Cauldron falafels £1.50


These have been a go to for me for years! They are the best base and filling for a salad or even a pasta dish! As well as a great go to snack!

 Pizza express classic vegan giardiniera £5.15


This pizza is going to be your go to when your not feeling like you can be bothered to make a healthy meal! throw it in the oven and you know your having something yummy and it's still super healthy!

 pizza express vegan house light dressing £2.05


This dressing is going to be your best friend for when your making a healthy salad! You could even apply it to a pasta dish if you really wanted!

Vaduz raw kimchi £3.37

Kimchi is something that I still need to try but I have heard great things about it! it's super healthy and apparently very versatile!

 New York original bagel thins £1.00


These are a great go to snack or breakfast idea! I often have these with avocado on in the morning and they fuel me for my day 

 Essential home ripening salad avocado 90p

We all love a good avocado! Avocados are great to put into a salad, avocado on toast or even on the side of a meal! Add some salt and pepper and maybe some chilli flakes if your feeling it and it's going to taste amazing!

 Essential broccoli 46p

Broccoli is something that you can have with so many meals! I often buy it to haven soups for the winter but mostly to have roasted with chickpeas and sweet potato! it's a super quick and easy for a  snack or meal!

 essential cucumber 60p

Cucumber is a great thing to snack on, chop it up into slices and dip into hummus and it keeps you away from snacking on those chocolate buttons!I often use cucumber in salad's. It's a great veg to dice up and add that extra crunch to your salad! 



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