Amazing Earth: Bringing calmness to your everyday routine!

September 30, 2020


At the begging of the pandemic I reached out to the lovely Diane treat who is the founder of amazing earth. A brand that has been naturally created to help the individual live a more happy life .Through using the brands homemade eco friendly remedies, as well as her remedies she also is selling her very well known energy bracelets that I own myself and wear everyday! She has also become a very good friend of mine through the pandemic and I am excited to share her brand with you.


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What’s the purpose of the brand?


I started Amazing Earth to help empower people to live their best lives.  I wanted to share my knowledge of herbs and crystals which promote optimal mental and physical health leading to a better life. When I started replacing store bought beauty items and over the counter medicines with my own made herbal products, I felt and looked better and my friends started noticing.  I began to share my recipes and products with family and friends and I had so many positive reviews I decided to share these items with the world. Amazing Earth is my passion as I love helping to educate people on how to help themselves naturally.



When did you start?


I officially launched Amazing Earth on February 20, 2020.  However I began studying herbalism and energy healing in 2016.  I began practicing energy healing sessions on friends and family at first using the different modalities I had studied such as crystal energy, Reiki, pressure points, Tibetan pulsing, and aromatherapy touch points with essential oils then began practicing in my private practice in 2018. 



Who’s your target audience?


I believe my target audience is anyone who wants to feel good and look good naturally without using chemicals and without harming animals in the process.  Crystals and plants have been used for centuries for beauty and wellness and there is a large amount of documentation detailing the powers of both.  I love crystals and herbs because they are not for just one group of people, they can be utilized for anyone willing to make a positive change both physically and mentally. 



Favourite product of yours?


This is a hard question as I have so many favorite Amazing Earth products because many of them were crafted for myself to help me with different issues.  If I had to choose three, they would be The Stop the Clock Botanical Serum, The Garden of Eden Perfect Face Cream and the Lavender Fields Body Oil.  

I am obsessed with The Stop the Clock Botanical Serum because it is made with active Organic Calendula Blossoms and then infused with incredibly regenerative essential oils such as Helichrysum, Rosewood, Sandalwood, and Lavender which regenerates and repairs the skin cells while locking in moisture and putting a protective barrier on the skin. This Serum has literally reversed several fine lines I was starting to see around my mouth and eyes and I’ve had such a positive response from everyone who has purchased this serum.  

The Garden of Eden Perfect Face Cream is ideal for dry or sensitive skin, such as someone who may suffer from eczema or skin irritation.  It is very thick and soothing with a nourishing blend of Organic Calendula Blossoms, Organic Chamomile, and Wildcrafted Chickweed. I infuse these herbs with Organic Rose Hydrosol, Procaxi Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, and multiple reparative essential oils such as Rose Geranium and Jasmine. This facial cream is one of my favorites because it is extremely reparative naturally with ingredients that are readily available in nature.

The Lavender Fields Body Oil is incredibly calming, and cooling with a blend of Organic Lavender buds and a nutritive blend of Organic Apricot Kernel and Grape Seed oils which I use every night before I go to bed to help relax my body and calm my mind.  This oil is excellent for kids to help relieve anxiety and rubbed into the temples to reduce headaches.  It’s also an excellent oil for moisturizing the skin and Lavender is great if you have burns or bug bits. I just planted over 180 new Organic Lavender plants on my East Coast Farm in the spring and they produced an unbelievable abundance of organic flowers which I use in The Lavender Fields Body Oil. Lavender is one of my favorite herbs and I have enjoyed it’s calming benefits since I was a young child.  




Future goals with the brand?


I have so many goals I would like to achieve with Amazing Earth. I would love to reach more people and share the power of plants and crystals.  I would like to offer introductory courses in herbalism on how to make basic plant medicines and nourishing beauty products which can be used for the entire family.  I would like to start offering meditation circles over zoom where anyone can come and have a guided meditation and allow their bodies and minds to fully rest and repair.  My greatest goal would be to set up a foundation for Cancer patients to receive free energy healing sessions and products to ease their pain and help them feel connected, peaceful and loved.


Where do you find inspiration?


My greatest inspiration is always found in nature and while I meditate and pray. Watching a sunrise or sunset ignites my imagination and is incredibly awe inspiring.

I also find inspiration when looking at gemstones and reading books by great herbalists such as Rosemary Gladstar, Richo Cech, and Susan Weed. 


Communication with others and listening to what they feel and think has always been one of my greatest inspirations.  When I understand how a person is feeling, and how they want to be helped, I feel incredibly inspired to create something to help them feel better.

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