The two most mysterious fashion influencers that hide there identity

September 25, 2020



These two influencers have merged together as one mysterious figure. The two girls Annacarla Dall’Avo and  Simona Carlucci have joined there fashion forces in the most unique way today on instagram. They both have an eye for fashion and have great style that captures their followers eyes, but what draws the most attention to these two girls is how mysterious they are and who exactly are they?


The two girls look like they are based in Italy as they explore some of the most beautiful places such as Milan, Rome and more remote little towns. The girls are well know for wearing outgoing colourful looks that accessorise themselves with high end brands such as Dior, alanui , Chiara Ferragni collection and Prada. They for sure know how to accessorise and as well as that they have the coolest tattoos and nail art looks that they often showcase on their instagram, usually jewelled up by designers pieces.


Their instagram: @annacarlaesimona








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