101 on beauty fridges and which one's to buy!

September 7, 2020


One of the biggest trends that hit the beauty industry for sure had to be beauty fridges. Remember those little fridges you would have in your room as a child to store your snacks in? Well now you can up cycle them for your beauty products. Having a beauty fridge is a great way to store your products and keep them cool. A lot of beauty products work better on the skin when they have been stored in a cool place, example: a jade roller or under eye patches.


101 on beauty fridges:

- They are great for skin care

- re use an old mini food fridge and use it for skin care

- Under eye masks are the best once worn straight out of fridge

- you can put all your creams in there!



So here is a few beauty fridges we have picked out for you!




4 Litre Pink Beauty Fridge £30



Retro Fridge 50 GOLD




Fria £120


The Beauty Cooler Skincare Fridge



Skincare Fridge - Subcold Classic 4 £39.99 was £49.99













































































































































































































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