The best subscription boxes to buy

August 31, 2020


Subscription boxes is something that I have opened my arms to during Covid times. It's been the perfect opportunity to try out a range of different makeup brands in one go. Due to the subscription boxes usually having a good amount of travel size products, this makes it easy for you to try out the product without worrying about waste if you don't like that product. So here's some of the subscription boxes that we have been trying out and loving! Also some that we haven't tried out and for sure need to get our hands on!


1. Birch Box £10

Birch box is one of my favourite superscription boxes I've tried, but this was also my first! I found to be very lucky when I got my first 3 lots over the 3 months. The products that came in the subscription box were good quality and also products that i've been meaning to try out! So Birchbox for me ticked all the boxes.


2. Glossy Box £11.75

Glossy box is very similar to birch box in the way it also supplies it buyers with good quality beauty. picks. They carry brands such as bare minerals and too faced so they are really giving there buyers the best of the best! that's also only a handful of the high up beauty brands they have in there boxes.


3. Look fantastic £15

Look fantastic is a subscription box that is full of your go to self care and beauty brands such as bumble and bumble, sleek, Inka , Elmis and much more. From having the best products to take care of your skin and then the best branded products to wear after. It's a double yes from us!


4. Rocca box £10

Another one to the top favourites has to be Rocca box. This subscription box is just as good as Birchbox and glossy box, but as well as beauty and makeup they throw in hair accessories and nail products! So really this one is a must have as you get a bit of everything!


5. The indy box ( Launching soon)

The indy box is an upcoming subscription box that supplies it's buyers with some of the top wellness and beauty products today. With it's super cute packaging and it's educational instagram account, this is a subscription box that you need to get as soon as it launches! So go follow them for more updates at


6. Take ten box £24.99

The take ten box is the ultimate self care subscription box for someone who wants to try out new pamper products. There box supplies some of the best self care products for there buyers as well as you get a pair of silk pyjamas with your purchase! I mean how could you not! With products such as the famous jade roller, this self care subscription box is a must have to buy for all you wellness lovers!



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