The hottest wellness spot to go in London!

August 19, 2020


 In times like we are all going through at the moment, we all need to make sure we are keeping up on our wellness. We have recently had our attention brought to the beautiful glow bar London account, that is the perfect wellness spot to visit in London! 


What is it?

Glow bar London is a store that invites it's customers in by there gorgeous aesthetic and products. A space created for all the wellness junkies out there who are looking for somewhere to top of on the wellness routine and stock up on there perfect adaptogens that there well know for!


Where is it? 

Its located at 70 Mortimer St, Marylebone, London!


What do they sell?

They are best known for there magical adaptogens, that you can buy in store or even have the product in a drink to drink in store. They also offer an incredible food menu such as a avocado on toast and there famous açai bowls!

They also sell a variety of products, like crystals, silk sleep masks, rose quartz hair comb and sage, as well as much more!


What experience do they offer?

They offer a space for there customers to wind down in a quiet and relaxed space and try there products and services such as there beautiful sauna room that they're guests can use that offers a variety of light therapy to use in your sauna session.


Make sure to go follow there instagram for more! @glowbarldn







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