How to clean your makeup brushes! + Best makeup brush cleaners to buy!

August 17, 2020


Cleaning your make up brushes is something super important to do, and I'm rather guilty of leaving mine till they're desperate to be cleaned. So how do you clean your makeup brushes you might ask. Theres many different ways that people do this and use all sorts of different types of products to clean them with but I will show you our go to super easy way to clean them!


How to clean your brushes! 101


Step 1: Get all your brushes together and line them up on a towel


Step 2: Find a makeup cleaning product, or I even use shampoo!


Step 3: You can use a makeup brush cleaning pad for the next part or just the palm of your hand. Apply the brush cleaner to the surface your wanting to clean your brushes on ( Palm of hand or makeup brush glove cleaner) and circulate the brush in the product.


Step 4: Rinse brush and clean again as there's always more hiding!


Step 5: Once all the makeup residue is out you want to rinse one last time and squeeze the water out making sure to get it all out! 


Step 6: Dry out on a towel over night!


Make up brush cleaners essentials! 




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