Do Crystals Pleasure Wands Really Work?

July 22, 2020


What is a crystal pleasure wand?


A pleasure crystal wand is a pleasure wand that is created for the body to create pleasure through using it on yourself. In particular the crystals/ rose quartz wands are designed to bring a higher level of sexual energy for ourselves and more love for ourselves through the use of rose quartz.


How do you use them?


They can be used like any other pleasure wand you may be using.


Do they work?


Yes they do! They are designed to pleasure you like you would from other pleasure wands but with that extra level of sexual energy on top of that!


When it comes to pleasure we are all arms open for new experiences and trying different techniques out! When I was listening to Julliet Allens podcast one day about the use of rose qaurtz pleasure wands I was immediately curious! So we did our research and well I don't think you can go wrong with these beautiful wands to be honest. Rose quartz pleasure wands are a way to pleasure your self in a higher and more spiritual way. They are designed to higher your sexual energy in the bedroom and expand your orgasmic experiences. Julliet Allen is the goddess when it comes to pleasure and we highly reccomend that you try out her products as well as checking out her platforms. We feel that everyone has space to learn and she is the queen of teaching people how to know there body better and give yourself the best loving experiences.


Instagram: Juliet_allen


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The black Obsedian Curved



The Julliet Allen

Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand




The Julliet Allen

Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand Curved





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