The Matcha brands You Need To Try Now!

July 15, 2020


Matcha has been one of the things I have been loving recently and been recommending to anyone like me that loves there coffee needs to cut back and still be getting that kick! 


I have been a real coffee addict for the past year and can have 6 a day!.... its so bad when I type it out now, but yes I love a good coffee! Coffee is something that is great to give you that kick of energy, but it's not always good for our body. 


So try out Green Tea Matcha that is just as good but really better for your gut and wellbeing. 


Here's our favourite picks for you!




Holy Matcha





Pukka Majestic Matcha Chai Latte


 Pure Chimp green tea matcha






Jenki Matcha


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