How To Change Your Life During Isolation

June 24, 2020


This has been a time that has been very upsetting and devastating to many due to the impacts of Covid 19. We have all learn't a lot from this im sure, as I have.


The earth had been put on a standstill for the past few months, making many people question what was important during these times. If that's from questioning the job you're in, maybe even relationship. To it even being something you have been putting off for a very long time, and now you have realised it's now over never?


Either way we have all had a change in attitude and this is not a time for you to sit around for 4 months and go back to your old job if you hate it. This is the time you need to use wisely.


Things to do in isolation


Learn a new language


This is something that could be super useful to you in the future if you plan on travelling or even living abroad. It's always useful to have a second language as this makes it a lot easier when getting jobs and again travel! There isn't a better time than now to do this!


Practice yoga & meditation


Yoga and mediation is something that many people will often find they don't need to do, or doesn't work for them. Well yoga has been a game changer for many during isolation and in hand with that so has mediation. These have been stressful times and many of us are very anxious about going back to reality with Covid 19 still floating about. So take this time to practice your yoga and meditation for a better mindset.


Start a new hobby you have wanted to do for a while


There is always that hobby that we want to pick up on and we always say to ourselves oh I will  start that next week and we don't. Well which ever hobby this is for you, it's time for you to stop making up excuses and get on with it!


Join a charity and help around the world


This time has been an eye opener and everyone has realised that we all have a voice and we can all help in some way. If that's from sharing some words on your social media to make people aware, donating money or even helping out at a local charity. All these things are super important all the time, but now then ever they are crucial that we all get involved and help each other out.


Appreciate the people around you more and your environment 


There have been times were we are constantly wishing to be living somewhere else or complaining about that one friend or sibling, am I right? I think everyone has one of these moments. Now is the time to realise how lucky you are for where you live and the people your surrounded by. What you usually take for granted you should now be cherishing. 



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