101 on menstrual cups, Why there not as scary as you think!

June 14, 2020

Menstrual cups seem to be appearing more and more through this year and I couldn't  help but feel interested in trying one out. Yes they seem super scary and how are you gonna put something that size up there? Im sure you have all thought these questions, as I know I did.


I have always wanted to try them due to the benefits to the environment  they have and also how much more practical it is for you every month!







Why should you change to a menstrual cup?


Better for the environment!

By choosing a menstrual cup over the usual period products, you are saving tree's from being cut down for the making of usually period products. You are also helping fight ocean and land fill pollution, did you know that it has been estimated that 1.5‐2 billion menstrual items are flushed down Britain's toilets each year. This could mean that by more people swapping to more eco products like this, you are being part of a huge change to the pollution problems!


More practical for you

By choosing a menstrual cup you don't need to be buying products every month, saving lots of money through the year! It's also so much easier when it comes to sneaking tampons to the bathroom in class etc! Yes we have all been there!


They last double the time!

You dont have to change them nearly as much as if you were wearing a tampon. Instead of changing it every 4 hrs you can leave it up to 11 hrs! yes you heard me.


You can do any activities wearing them


You can go running in them, swimming, horse riding and many more activities where you would feel panic about doing whilst on your period.


Lower cost for you

They cost averagely £21 and yes that does seem expensive, but when you add it up to how much you spend over the years on products its life changing! The cups last up to 11 years and cost £21, whilst most women spend around £100 a year on products. This is also a huge bonus for people who struggle to buy products due to the costs.



More time between changes


Whilst you would usually change a tampon every 4hrs, a cup can be changed every 11hrs max. Meaning you don't need to worry about where you are to keep changing!


No bad odder smells


They have been well known to stop bad smells! Always a bonus!


Make you feel more confident each cycle


Overall they make you feel better and less stressed when it's that time of the month. You can't feel the cups in you and you can wear any outfit with them. Making that time of the month that little less stressful!


Our Top Buys!



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