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June 4, 2020





Another month has gone and that means another month full of favourites. There has been a good amount of favourites over the month, but we narrowed down to our favourites for you! From moon juice herbal supplements to the hottest instagram clothing item at the moment!


Which one will you buy?






fellow creatures dairy free chocolate



These vegan chocolates are probably one of the best vegan chocolates I've ever tried before! Being a vegan the only things I have struggled to find that match up to my standards are cheese and chocolate. I found my perfect cheese alternative and was then on the hunt for the perfect vegan chocolate. When fellow creatures sent me there whole collection and I finally found my perfect dairy free alternative! Its hard to find a vegan chocolate I must say, but this is so creamy tasting and not bitter like most I find! They have a range of different flavours from hazelnut to raspberry white chocolate, too even matcha! that I still need to get my hands on and try!




Makeup Revolution Soap Styler



I'm sure we are all aware of the latest eyebrow trend and we all want a piece of it! I know many people that have been spending a fortune on getting there brows  laminated and I must say they have tempted me! I have also seen a lot of brands come out with brow lamination kits but at a high cost. I started to do my research when I came across the brow soap styler by makeup revolution for only £6.00! I have bought products from makeup revolution before and they have never disappointed me, so I was for sure going to buy this to test it out if it was worth it! So yes girls it is worth it and please do your research as I almost spent £30 on a brow laminating kit. So this is my recommendation for all you people that have been looking for the perfect brow lamenting kit!




The Ordinary coverage foundation



I have always been someone who has not changed my foundation much and always kept to just the same one. light coverage and cruelty free! I found my match at the body shop a few years ago and have always just kept to using that. When one night I was browsing cult beauty and discovered that the ordinary had a new foundation out for £5.90! Yes you heard me £5.90 I couldn't believe it myself either so I guessed my shade and threw it into my basket instantly! When I tried it out I was instantly shocked with how well the shade matched and the foundation felt so light and silky on the skin! It's the perfect natural coverage for anyone looking for a foundation to maybe balance out there skin tone that little bit.



Vans Old Skool Platform Women's


I have been a bit of a nerd when it comes to platform trainers because when your 5,4 your always wanting that little extra height where you can find it! I have never had a pair of old school vans before and discovered the platform version and I really wanted to see how they looked on. Well they look great and especially with high waisted straight leg jeans!




Arizona bandana sandles




The latest instagram trend has got to be these gorgeous Arizona bandanna sandals that every influencer seems to be wearing! Honestly they have influenced me to get my hands on some because these are so up my street! If you know me , then you know I'm a sucker for anything bandanna print! Im sure you could easily DIY these yourself but if not then, shop the ones here that everyones been loving!








D8 Butter



Honestly I didn't know that Date butter was a thing until I stumbled across this company on Instagram. Where they make the date butter themselves  from scratch and I was very interested to see how it tasted. Im a sucker when it comes to dates, there my guilty pleasure for sure and pretty much on the same level as chocolates in my case. The brand very kindly sent me out there full collection for me to try and I was sold! I have been having date butter a few times a week now if thats either on my toast with banana slices or stuffed into chocolate covered dates. The date butter is a great ingredient that you can add into many things and I will be doing a post soon about the many ways you can use date butter.


razzo hair care

Looking for that salon Finnish when doing your haircare routine at home? well Razzo is the perfect answer for that! Razzo is a hair care company that has 3 products for the perfect Finnish! shampoo, masque and the 10 in one treatment, leaving your hair with a salon finish and they smell lush!





H&M High waisted straight leg jeans



I have been on the hunt for a good high waisted straight leg jean, and the struggle is real. It's either the legs are too baggy or the waist too big or just overall doesn't look good. When I found these ones on H&M they looked like the perfect fit I was going for! I purchased a size 8 and they are too big but also I like a good oversized jean so doesn't bother me too much. Overall these are a great affordable straight leg jean!




Moon Juice full set supplements 



I've been wanting to be able to get my hands on to these for a while now and I finally did, and boy I do not regret it one bit! Yes its expensive for some sachets of herbal supplements but its also one of those things you really want to try in my case. I've been following moon juice for a while now and I must say I have wanted to purchase from them from day one. The prices of each supplement put me off originally as I didn't want to spend £39.00 on a pot of a herbal supplement that might not work, understandably. So when I saw the option of all the supplements as sachets to test I instantly put them in my basket! They were a struggle to get due to high demand but I have tried the beauty dust and the spirit dust so far and I honestly felt the spirit dust did work. The supplements are a blend of herbs to add to any food or drink to help with certain things, like calming you down, lowering stress levels and much more.


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