Been looking for the best tattoo artists to go to?

May 25, 2020

We all love a good tattoo, and when it comes to getting one we want to have the best one we can get. So we found some of our favourite tattoo artists around and asked them some questions. From what inspired them to become a tattoo artist to what they're favourite work is to this day.


When it comes to tattoos ,our favourite have to be the fine line tattoo artist that create the most fine and delicate pieces of work. I've always found that these type of tattoos are my favourite as I have always wanted tattoos, but nothing to heavy or grunge, and too be sentimental and delicate.


So if your looking for a good tattoo artist then look no further.







1. When did you start?

I started my apprenticeship in May 2016 and was fully  tattooing December 2018


2.What inspired you?

I’ve always loved tattoos but had few of my own. I went through a break up and realised I could do what I wanted. So states to collect my own tattoos. I drew a lot and ended up quitting my job to draw commissions and designs for other people when I realised what I would love to do was actually tattoo my designs my self! My mums an artist so was so helpful and supportive of me choosing a new career path at the age of 25 


3. Your favourite type of work to do?

I love everything to do with nature and wildlife. Botanical illustration is my favourite. I love fine delicate and intricate detail. 

However I also love to do bold thick lines too! it depends on the size and design and what works best for the form of the person I’m working with. 


4. How many have you got yourself ?

 As most tattoo artists would say - Too many to count. I would say over 50.. but there’s still plenty of room for more. 


5. What’s your favourite tattoo you have?

 I think generally people are becoming much more excepting and things are Changing for the better. It' s so important to be able to express yourself for many people, that they way they feel comfortable. I know for me having lots of tattoos has made me much more confident. If I ever think someone is judging me in an negative light ( which doesn't happen often) it encourages me to change their viewpoint.


6. What makes your work different to others do you find?

I have such a wide variety of tattoos so it constantly changes. My current favourite is my thigh. It’s a women’s head with a floral scarf and big gold earrings by an artist called Aaron Breeze and the colours are amazing! 


7. What makes your work different to others do you find?

I’m not sure if it is that different to other artists with a similar theme of there work. However I do get told people notice my work when they see it on people. But for me getting a tattoo isn’t just about the style or your work being different. It’s about standing out as a person that people would want to come to repeatedly. For a lot of people a tattoo is also about the experience, feeling comfortable whilst getting tattooed and getting to know you and your personality as well. And I mainly hope I bring those aspects to my customers when they are being tattooed by me.







1.When did you start ?

I started tattooing in 2018 at Prohibition Ink in Brixton.


2.What inspired you?

was inspired to start tattooing because I had worked in other creative industries and found them too corporate and stifling - I wanted the freedom to work and create in a way that worked for me.


3. Your favourite type of work to do?

My favourite type of work is fineline florals (closely followed by continuous line designs!) 


4. How many have you got yourself ?

I only have 12 tattoos at the moment so am pretty bare compared to most tattoo artists.


5. What’s your favourite tattoo you have?

My favourite tattoo so far is my floral arm piece by yarina.tattooing.


6. What makes your work different to others do you find?

I think what makes my work different is my attitude to creating custom pieces - I understand how scary it can be getting your first tattoo and if you're anything like me I know it can help to see different versions before coming into the studio to feel sure that you're making the right decision.





1.When did you start ?

I started hand poking friends from home!! Then eventually got a apprenticeship so officially I started in April of 2018! 

2. What inspired you to start?

I was sick of being in shit jobs and hating my daily life, my fiancé robin asked my what my dream job would be, I totally thought it was out of my reach but told him it would be to be a tattoo artist. He replied ‘meg you could do that!’ So he’s my inspiration for sure :) but also being happy in your every day is a very important thing for me! 

3. Your favourite type of work to do?
I love custom work, it’s special for that person unique for them so it feels magic to me that people want me to do that for them. 

4. How many have you got yourself?

Oh god, I think the last time I counted it was over 150. 

5. Do you find that people should accept tattoos more?
Yes for sure it’s become part of normal life and our society, it’s now about self expression and not a intimidating image as it may have been looked at before. Of course you still get looked at but not everyone gets it!  

6. What’s your favourite tattoo you have?
That’s a hard one, but probably my sisters name and a little daisy underneath, she’s always travelling around the world so having her there everyday with me is nice. Means she’s always with me even when we’re not together. 
7. What makes your work different to others do you find?

I like to include emotion in my work, I don’t take a lot of it too seriously and just like to have fun with it! And of course a lot of colour!




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