Let's Talk about Self pleasure for girls.

May 19, 2020

So we are getting real today, all about sex. From self pleasure, sex hotels, to why sex is such a big role in our wellness routines. We got the chance to ask@consciously__connected  who we have been following for a while and love how inspiring she is with how open she is about the topic.


Here is what she had to say. Enjoy! Make sure to go follow her for more. 






Questions with Conscious_connected


1. Do you think sex should be spoken about more?

  • Overall, yes! However, everybody is different, which means some folks may be a bit more conservative than others. So, I don’t mind someone not talking about sex because they simply aren’t interested (there are plenty of topics I’m not interested in discussing) - I just don’t think people should ever feel shame in talking about sex, or feel insecure about it, even if they’re on the more conservative side. Talking about sex doesn’t have to be with the whole world, but I think everyone should AT LEAST be able to feel 1000% comfortable talking about sex with THEMSELVES!! Our sexuality is a big part of who we are, and it’s one of the most intimate ways we learn to communicate with our bodies/self. That being said though, there are still many people that feel uncomfortable with that idea/haven’t taken the time to connect with themselves on that level for one reason or another. But. If we can’t talk about “sex” and all that goes along with it and embrace our authentic experience, how can we ever truly enjoy it?! 


2. What are you thoughts on vibrators?

  • AMAZING!!  Vibrators are another way for us to figure out what we love, like, and don’t like! Sex toys in general are fun because we can use them to explore on our own, or with a pal. One thing to remember about vibrators though, is if we use them often enough, our body can learn to react (and typically climax) with that certain stimuli... and if we’re also being sexually active with others, it can be “more difficult” to climax with them because our bodies are so used to climaxing with a vibrator - which offers stimuli that is humanly impossible. So, if we want to keep em cumming , we just have to keep in mind to give ourselves a variety of stimuli so we can enjoy a variety of orgasms  Yay! 


3. Do you find being so open makes you feel more empowered as a woman? 

  • I think so! I love the fact that I can embrace my sexuality because I haven’t always been this open.. For years, I struggled with wanting to fit in with societal norms vs embracing my authentic self and I’m so glad that through my journey I’ve learned to accept myself, my mind, and the way I see the world and view sex, to the fullest extent. I wake up every day and get to live MY TRUTH - whatever that means to me. It’s empowering to be able to feel this free in talking about such a taboo and vulnerable subject, and it’s such an incredible gift to feel the love and support from others throughout this journey! I hope one day my words/experiences/ideas can help someone who might be struggling on their journey. 


4. do you you think more women should be more open about sex?

  • Definitely! I mean, I believe people should just be comfortable/content/happy with their sex life! That doesn’t necessarily mean that they HAVE to be more open about it, there are plenty of private people with great sex lives! But I think being more open about your true, real, natural self in general can help women/everyone feel even more comfortable  with a very major component of our lives. 


5. Do you think everyone should experience going to a sex hotel, like Desire? 

  • Haha, a sex hotel, I’ve never really heard it be called that before! Desire Resort(s) is technically a couples only resort, clothing optional, and lifestyle friendly. And I think... Most people should experience it, for sure! It is such an amazing experience even for those not in the lifestyle and just looking to have a fun and sexy time with their partner. For those that are already in healthy relationships, this experience will almost automatically deepen your connection with one another! For new couples or couples that haven’t had the opportunities to truly discuss their sexualities with one another, this may not be the best vacation for you just yet... But for healthy couples looking for a little adventure and deeper sexual connection, 10/10 would recommend visiting Desire! 


6. Do you think that the sexual pleasure should be explored more for people?

  • Sure! I think whatever people learn about themselves/whatever peaks their interests, they should explore!! There are SO MANY different types and areas of sexual pleasure out there, we shouldn’t be afraid to try some of them sometime! Remember, we ALWAYS have the power to say “NO”! Just because we thought we might like something doesn’t mean we have to like it. 


7. Do you find that sex is a big part in wellness?

  • Absolutely!! I’d like to think I am fairly invested in mental and physical health and wellness, and in my opinion, sex plays a HUGE role in all of that. Whether they’re healthy sex habits or unhealthy, they ARE going to have an impact on other aspects of your life. Imagine someone who either feels shame about sex or is/has been in an abusive sexual relationship vs someone who is comfortable with sex or is in a healthy sexual relationship (with themselves or others), those aspects affect other aspects of our lives all day long (just like every other major aspect of our life affects the others)! *Example: experiencing high amounts of stress = not eating properly, feeling fatigued, not motivated by sexual stimuli, feelings of depression, etc. Being highly stressed results in poor overall health wellness, therefore if we are experiencing something negative vs positive, sexually, I believe that too will affect our overall wellness. Hope that makes sense! 


8. What you learnt from desire?

  • Hmm... this is an interesting question... Attempting to put it simply, One of the biggest things I learned from Desire is that we, as humans, are capable of connecting with multiple humans on different levels, and that that’s OK!!! I had always been open minded, but Desire opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and made things a lot clearer than they had previously been. 


9. What’s one thing you would want to tell people, if it was to give them confidence in finding their sexual pleasures?

  • Sex and sexual experiences aren’t EVER picture perfect. Sex can be awkward! Funny! Painful! Sweaty! Sad. Adventurous! I guess my advice would be to do what feels right for you. Trust yourself. Listen to your body, listen to your heart, and listen to the person you are sharing the experience with. Sex doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be a shameful act. As long as there is legal consent, you have every right to explore (or not explore) what you want sexually. Have fun!  

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