This Is One For All The Horoscope Lovers.

May 6, 2020

 When it comes to horoscopes you either believe it or you don't, but here at TG we love a good horoscope and we have done our research for the best apps for all you horoscope lovers too! So if your wanting to know why you're feeling a certain way or certain events in your life are happening like an ex boyfriend popping back into your life, we have you covered with all the best apps!


Daily Horoscope: Daily horoscope has been my OG horoscope app it all began. It was an app that I got recommended to download and I was still testing out the waters of horoscopes and if I believed in them yet. Until I read mine and it told me that I would have two big moves in my life and someone special  from my past would enter my life again. To my surprise my horoscope was completely right as I had just moved house, to then move to London for university as well as an ex boyfriend pop up to me. I know what a week I had, tell me about it haha. But overall my horoscopes have never seemed to let me down and strangely been super accurate.



Co- Star: This is an app that I actually have left till this year to join, I know I know its one of the most popular but I understand why it is now, its great! with Co-Star you get daily messages that are a short saying as almost a reminder to you about how to let your day go and what to focus on or not to focus on. Leading you in the right direction.


Full moon: Full moon isn't exactly a horoscope app but I thought I would throw it in there as its one of my favourites. It's an app that you can track the moon cycle and when we are close to a full moon. This will also help to track with how you are feeling if your star sign is in a full moon.


Astroguide: Astroguide is an all in one solution for your astral guidance. It features horoscopes for various moods like love, stress, sensibility, and several others. It also includes fun facts about each zodiac, yesterday’s horoscope reading, tomorrow’s horoscope reading, You also get zodiac compatibility ratings, shareable quotes, and even a tarot card reader. The tarot card reader is there for entertainment purposes, but it is there.







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