Podcasts That Every Power Woman Needs To Listen Too!

May 12, 2020

Podcasts seem to be the new youtube recently and we are loving it!

 If only there was a way to make learning more fun and easy? Well there is my friend!

journey.Podcasts have been the new learning source in the industry, giving us an insight and teaching us all the do's and dont's for the future! I love listening to new podcasts as I feel I have taken just as much if not more information from them as I get at university. So here is your go to podcasts you need to listen to, if your a striving individual trying to make something big happen for you. Podcasts have been the new learning source  for the younger generations as our favourite celebs, influencers, and idols in general take to the mic and talk about they're 




1.The Future Of Fashion Business 

This one has to be my number one favourite podcast to listen to! If your someone who is planning on working in the fashion industry, or even creating your own fashion brand, I highly recommend this podcast is at the top of your list! The podcast series has a series of different episodes where they talk to journalists, fashion marketers, creative directors and so on. They tell you the do's and the don't and talk about there journey through the fashion industry. Giving you an insight to the industry!






Sheerluxe is a fashion and lifestyle brand that covers subjects from what to wear in Paris to the kitchen essentials you need! There podcasts feature guest talkers from the industry that talk about there story. As well as they're guests telling all the juicy gossip, sometimes the girls like to be the guest themselves and share there thoughts and secrets about subjects that they feel are important to talk about at the time.



4.The Goop

Goop is a a lifestyle website thats founded in 2008 by the ever so famous Gweneth Paltrow, who decided to turn her power from acting into something useful when she created goop to help her followers with wellness tricks and being your best self. Through the podcast series she talks about different subjects such as dieting, self esteem, sexuality, relationships and so on! The episode that caught my attention was "How dangerous is our drinking water" I found this to be very insightful and recommend it to everyone!




Mood is a podcast series held by Lauren Elizabeth who is a YouTuber from Los Angeles who talks about guy crushes, real talk, TV shows and much more. Lauren is a fun and energetic creating her podcast to be very interesting as she tells us her latest gossip! So if your someone who wants to hear about thoughts on the tv show bachelorette and what it's really like living in LA go check her out!



Girl boss radio is a podcast series held by Sophia Amoruso The founder of the very famous girl boss book and Netflix series, and well if you haven't watched it or read the book I highly advice you to do so now! Each week she has guest speakers on, who she sees as girl bosses who talk about they're careers and how they got there through the tears and the laughter.



Breaking beauty has been a podcast that I discovered in the recent month and have fallen head over heels for. I've always been more of a fashion over beauty girl and this podcast has for sure changed my thought on the beauty industry and made me even more excited about it. Every week they have amazing guests on and talk all things from boob jobs, skincare routines to how founders of brands got to where they are today. They have had amazing guests on they're podcast such as Dr Dennis gross. Milk makeup founder Zanna Roberts Raissi, to OG youtube sensation Kandee Johnson.




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