7 Things We Learnt From The Goop Netflix Series!

May 26, 2020


The series everyone has been talking about has finally arrived on Netflix and it didn't disappoint. From Shroom gatherings , Lulvas's, to orgasms we saw the whole lot! but what did we learn from it?.....


1. The actually term for vagina is vulva! Who would of knew?!

In episode two of the series, the women go to a sex therapist or shall I say more of a "Vulva" Therapist to learn more about there body. They learnt all they ways of the body and that the Vagina  is actually called the vulva this whole time as well as much more.

 2. There is such places that you can go to, where you can experience psychedelics.

The team went on a  psychedelics experience where they go to Costa Rica to a sanctuary that is managed by professionals in psychedelics. The sanctuary is there for people who need a natural awakening in a healthy way. There sanctuary has been well known for changing peoples lives around for the better.


 3. Snow Yoga?

Who knew snow yoga was a thing?! We've all heard of the newest and strange yoga's such as goat yoga, puppy yoga and so on, but never did we think snow yoga existed. As soon as I saw those girls run into the snow in bikinis with bare feet I thought there not going to last! Well turns out a lot of the time you can trick your brain into thinking it's too cold and your body won't be able to take it. If you tell yourself its not too cold and focus on. your breathing it will be fine and your body temperature won't drop. The snow yoga was a refreshing and peaceful experience that taught them to have good self control with themselves.

4. Orgasms?

We are often afraid to talk about this topic and well here we are talking about it. We found out that there is a genuine thing such as a sex teacher who helps people reach orgasms. It's something that is perfectly normal and human but to see this on a Netflix series, it took us by surprise. I hope that this topic becomes a lot more taboo and people can be more open about it.


Benefits from orgasms:

  • The focus necessary to orgasm can help push stress from your mind. ... 

  • An orgasm-induced endorphin release can also help with stress relief and put you in a great mood. ... 

  • Having an orgasm could also make you really tired, potentially helping you to fall asleep.

  • An orgasm-induced endorphin release can also help with stress relief and put you in a great mood.

  • The focus necessary to orgasm can help push stress from your mind.

    An orgasm-induced endorphin release can also help with stress relief and put you in a great mood.

  • Having an orgasm could also make you really tired, potentially helping you to fall asleep.

  • If you’re in a relationship, masturbation may make you more interested in having sex with your partner.


5. You can trick your body into thinking your younger.

By the way you treat your body through certain treatments and foods, it reacts to it. So when people say you are what you eat that statement can be very true! The women in the series took this challenge to the test by doing special treatments and fasting, and their biological  age decreased on their final test, this was from what they put in their body over the two weeks.



6. Fasting's & Diets

When it comes to diets and fasting there is tones of them and its about finding the right one for you! Trying out different things to see how your body works but also giving the diet a chance to sync with your body. The women took fasting and different diets to the test to see how they felt after. They tested out vegan diets, pescatarian and so on.


Benefits of Fasting

  • Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance.

  • Promotes Better Health by Fighting Inflammation.

  • May Enhance Heart Health by Improving Blood Pressure, Triglycerides and Cholesterol Levels. 

  • May Boost Brain Function and Prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders.


7.Morning Cold Showers?!

Every morning try taking a cold shower. Studies show that people who take cold showers are more refreshed and happier through there day. It seems terrifying and why would you want to  start my day off by giving myself a cold shower? But honestly trust me it works!

Benefits from taking a cold shower:

  • Reduced stress levels. Regularly taking cold showers imposes a small amount of stress on your body, which leads to a process called hardening. 

  • Higher level of alertness. 

  • More robust immune response. 

  • Increased willpower.

  • Weight loss.




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