The 10 Items Every Wellness Junkie Needs

April 29, 2020

Wellness seems to be the thing that everyone has been talking about recently and well, what is wellness you might ask? It's a series of different things but the main purpose of wellness is to find products or activities that make you feel and look your best self. If that's from trying the ever so disgusting (but good results) celery juice, or even just putting a meditation in your busy day. Which wellness strategy will you try?...



Here we have picked some of the best items that we have found worked well in our wellness routine! Everyone has there own wellness strategies, but we find these have been the best for us! Happy shopping!



 1. Matcha

Matcha matcha! It's the thing that everyone has been loving recently and we had to try and see what the rave was about, and we loved it! It may look rather gross but boy its good! Its the perfect substitute for all you coffee lovers when you need that extra kick of energy without the caffeine!




                                     2. Celery Juice


 Celery juice has been the number one wellness thing for a while but its not everyones cup tea. I would suggest to add in some vegetables or fruits that you like to tone it down to start with, and slowly start to take them away until your down to a raw pure celery juice. Celery juice has some of the most benefitial results and have been known to clear the body of toxins.






 3. Jade Rollers

For all you skin care gurus, jade rollers are going to be your new best friend. I find using mine after a face mask cold from the fridge works best. Always roll up as this prevents skin sagging and wrinkles! and we don't want that!






4. Crystals

Some believe in crystals and some don't but I personally myself love a good crystal. I would love to learn more about them for sure and I find when I carry mine, that I am surrounded by the enemy they hold.






 5. Avocado's & Dates

Avocados are probably my favourite things and I try and get a good few in my meals every week. They are a great source of energy and are a healthy fat that we need in our bodies! If your also looking for a healthy sugar alternative, I would highly suggest Dates! They look gross but they are better than chocolate I find!




6. Moon Juice

If your living in LA or even watched season two of  YOU, you will be aware of what I'm talking to you about. Moon juice is the perfect brand for all you wellness junkies where they have drinkable powders such as Sex Dust and beauty dust that help your bodies hormones with special ingredients in each individual dust.





7. Sage

Sage is a great thing to have in your room to cleanse all the negative energy out of a room and also smells great! Two things in one what more could you want!








8.Ginger and Lemon Tea

I have recently been trying to steer away from coffee as much and drink more herbal teas and my new favourite has to be lemon and ginger. I often take it before I go to bed or if im ill. Its the perfect balance.







9. Soup Maker

A soup maker seems to be the angel in our house the past few years. We first got one thinking it would end up being like the orange juice maker or the toastier maker that would end up sitting in a cupboard for 6 months, but I use mine all the time! It's the best thing as you know exactly whats in your soups. I usually throw in a leek, 2 potatoes a pepper and an oxo cube. Then add boiling water and it takes 17 mins to make a fresh hot soup for you! The soup maker also has an option for smoothies as well, what more could you want!





10. Water Filter

For someone who is living in London I found that everyone I was surrounded by had a water filter. You don't always know whats going into your water so I think its best to get one and not take any risks. I thought water couldn't be that dirty to drink if it was coming out of our taps and then I listened to a Goop podcast episode where they had a specialist talk about whats really in our water, and well i'll be using my water filter from now on!



















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