Why you should be using these face masks in your skin routine!

August 28, 2019



 Face mask have been quite the thing the past few years and well they have only got more and more pretty looking and better for your skin over the years. Many Korean makeup brands have been well known for having amazing skincare and makeup and a lot of the face masks are inspired by them. Years ago it would be exciting if you got one of them gross chocolate face masks, as your 8 year old self believed it was chocolate... maybe that was just me. Well they have deffo upped there game the beauty industry and we are now making face masks even prettier to wear. Metallic and foam face masks seem to be the latest trend!


  Benefits of these face masks :

. Treats skin imperfections

. Acne prone complexions

. Boosts cell renewal

. Boosts your skin hydration levels

. Lifts the skin

. Brightens eyes

. Reduces wrinkles








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