The best shoes for travelling in!

August 14, 2019


 When it come's to travel outfits, that's shits important but you also wanna make sure its practical! As we learnt from Alexa Chung that hot pants are not good for a 11hr flight. Well either are uncomfortable shoes for when your having to rush for your flight, on the off chance. You don't want to be that women who is running late in her cute Gucci stilettos but its okay because it might of taken you 30 mins more to get to your plane etc but your looking cute.... no I don't advice you to do that at all.


I always find that I wanna look cute but comfortable for travelling and its always a pain when you get to security and they ask you to take off your shoes. Never understand when they sometimes make you do that, but I do know how annoying it is when you have to untie your laces and then to walk through and put them back on.


So I find the easiest and cute shoes are these shoes shown here! Yes don't worry we can't all afford the Gucci loafers but there are many dupes I advice. I had a pair that I wore the shit out of and there great for travelling as they can be slipped on and off for when going through security. You might get some weird looks for wearing fury shoes when you about to head to Spain in 36 degree heat but who cares your being practical and for all they know your wearing real Gucci loafers ;) 







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