Must have pieces to get in Berska's summer sale now!

July 15, 2019



 Green puffer Jacket, yes its still summer and this is far to thick for even Englands summer so this is more of an item to buy now and use for winter but your prepared for the colder days after summer and its cheaper at the moment! Bonus!


 This cute playsuit is something that caught my eye, its a piece of clothing I wouldn't usually pic but when you buy it you end up wearing it the most, we've all had a clothing piece like that, am I right? Well this is perfect as its great for summer and has a unique style to it from other playsuits.

 The red rain coat, As much as we don't want it to rain its bound to happen even when its warm so this is perfect for bringing a pop of colour to any summer look and staying dry.

 The biker, Ive been looking for a biker jacket like this for a while and the mens section have one on sale so if your like me and your looking for something that's different to your usual leather jacket, this bad boy is for you!

 We  all need some black boots in our life as I tell everyone. You can wear these with anything, I wore the death out of my last pair as they literally go with anything. I found in the summer I could wear them as well as I look to edge up a girly look with boots so fits great with summer dresses if that's your vibe!

 The power summer suit, This is a perfect piece to have in your wardrobe as its very toned down so its not to much and can be worn to any event. Style this up with heels, boots or even trainers and some accessories and your good to go!

 The kendal dress, I'm sure this will be selling out fast so make sure to grab it quick if you want it. I call this the kendal dress as kendal Jenner posted a pic on instagram wearing pretty much the same one. It looked amazing on her but it can also look amazing on you. The colour and the shape is fab for summer with a tan, throw this on after the beach to go for a meal when on holiday and you will be turning heads.

 The mom jean is an everyday piece that you need in your wardrobe all summer around. They can be worn in many ways and is a piece that will never go out of style.


 The denim skirt is another staple/essentials piece you should have in your wardrobe as can be worn in many ways and will be suitable for all year around.


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