Jacquemus Spring 2020 show (The prettiest fashion show yet!)

July 7, 2019


 Im a little late on this post and if you follow us on instagram then you will have already seen on our account as well as many others who shared pictures of the Jacquemus show as it was incredible! We have all heard of the yellow brick road but this time Jacquemus made a pink road for his spring 2020 collection.Have you ever seen such a beautiful location for a show? Because I know I haven't seen anything like this for a fashion show! He did an amazing job with his show, it was his 10 year anniversary with the brand and wanted it to be his favourite show so he held it in one of his favourite places in France near his home where he grew up. This place meant a lot to him and he wanted to share his two favourite things together with us, home and fashion. The pieces that were in his spring 2020 collection were just as pretty as the location, there were many pastel colours but what I liked the most was probably the shape and silhouettes used in this collection. There was lots of layering and also lots of interesting shaped bags that caught our attention.









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