Thatgirl's fave coachella picks for 2019

April 23, 2019


 Another coachella has passed and every year the fashion gets that little bit crazier, shown by James Charles.... if you know you know and well if you don't then scroll down and you will understand what I mean by that. Coachella has slowly become more about what you wear and the Instagram pictures you get more than the actual event itself that is actually for the music...yes you might of forgotten about that. Its actually just a festival people go to and get cute pictures and tell everyone they went to coachella and make all of us at home feel shitty. Just joking there are still people out there that do go for the music, and there has also been people showing that buy not going to the festival in crazy clothes and just more toned down looks to enjoy the music with there friends (but we do love the outfits and pics don't we) So I'm sure you have seen many Coachella outfits over the past 2 weekends filling your Instagram feed but heres some of our faves!














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