The Alice head band style by Danielle Bernstein

March 6, 2019

 2019 has been bringing back some good old 90's trends I've realised recently whenever doing a new blogpost. The one I will be bringing you today is the Alice head band, I used to love the days I would go into school with a cool headband on and it would be my only way of spicing up my boring school uniform. There was the kids that were cool enough that had theres names painted on theres, I was not one of them... but to be honest mine were well more trendy. Anyway totally going off the topic, the clips came back and so have the headbands and Danielle Bernstein has been rocking them recently. I haven't got my hands on any yet but for sure will be soon, as boy! she makes them look good! I must say I did try some on in Topshop and they make you look so nice, deffo going to have to go back and get the moon and stars one from Topshop!







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