The girl in the green skirt

February 20, 2019


 Have you ever found a piece of clothing that makes you feel like a princess, not like a Disney princess but the kind with a bit more sass and edge? Well my friends a few months ago I was thinking to myself that I really wanted a good staple piece middi skirt in emerald green as green is my favourite colour to wear and always feel my best in it ( Don't know if you could tell from my IG posts??) So I was in primark when I found this skirt, It took me by surprise how good it was to be honest, the quality  and how good it looked for primark. I wanted it, but I didn't need it...or did I? I left the store and ended up returning another two times until I finally realised I needed it as I didn't stop thinking about it. I know right how sad, make it sound like a boy or a dog, but no I'm talking about a skirt. Anyway I'm glad I got it as I'm not the kind of girl to buy long skirts I'm more or a short black denim skirt kinda gal to be honest, but being the fashion blogger I am I wanted to try something different out and glad I did! I wore this look out the other day and got some complements about how nice it was and well from now on its my lucky magical skirt!


I styled it with a cropped boxy buckle black crop top from toyshop and my fave leather jacket and boots to add that edgy look to it. I also felt this look had to be topped off with a sleep pony tail and some diamanté slogan hair clips that gave this look the extra touch it needed!



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