The Burberry AW19 collection that received some mixed opinions on it.

February 19, 2019

 Burberry is a brand that is know'n for keeping to the brittish traditional burberry look until the new creative director Riccardo Tisci's took over and put the brand into a twirl with a slight change to the usually burberry look. I personally think its great as they haven't got rid of there traditional looks all together but there spicing it up and keeping it interesting. There is much more competition out there now between designers and the pressure is probably on for such a traditional brand, that is usually set in there Burberry look, so they changed it up and it was risky but personally I love it! I didn't attend the burberry show sadly but I did watch it live on youtube if that counts?? and I was reading the comments on the video, there was a lot of negative feedback to be honest that I found weird.



Sometimes designers do have to change there look and Burberry pulled it off pretty well, the only thing I would have to criticise on the show was possibly that the hair and makeup could of been different but over all it was fab! What did you think of it??









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