What the Netflix series "YOU" left me thinking...

January 25, 2019

 So I finally jumped on the band wagon of the new trend series "YOU" and well I have some things to say about it. One I loved it and binge watched it over two days and boy it leaves you thinking some stuff. why do the good guys always have to have something weird about them, why did he have to murder all those people in her life? and also one big thing, how did she not pick up on all this happening since she got with him. I found it hard to watch due to its Dan from gossip girl who was pretty innocent in that, well apart from he turned out to be gossip girl the whole time (sorry spoiler alert) but thats nothing compared to the monster he was in this series. 

I was hoping he wouldn't completely ruin his innocence in this but boy he did with each time he killed someone. 




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