I found my personal style 20 years later, and I couldn't feel better! "When you know you have found your style"

January 25, 2019

 Fashion is a great thing as you can be whoever you want to be with what you wear, its like playing dress up when you were a kid and you would dress up like cinderella and feel like cinderella. When I got older it was obviously a bit different and I wasn't dressing up as cinderella ;) But me being any teenage girl I would be testing out different looks and seeing what went best as well as following the terrible fashion trends along side. I have always felt my best in a good pair of jeans, skinny or boyfriend fit and a t-shirt/ band top and some good jewellery. Sounds super plain I know but I would figure out a way to style it up with the right accessories and jacket. Its such a simple look but I hate it when I'm pushing myself out my comfort zone with a new look and I walk out and automatically feel uncomfortable. Its the worst feeling and I soon grew to realise that more and more things were my style and I felt and looked my best in, I'm not being big headed but even o'there people would say as well and well thats when you know. Anyway I think thats all I've got but I'm not saying I'm gonna be wearing that look all the time as I do love my fashion and will be wearing things that aren't always my chill boyish style :P







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