2019 fashion diary for you!

 2019 is here and that means another year of fashion! what to expect for the fashion year ahead of us!

So fashion does generally repeat itself over the years but change slightly. We are deffo going to be seeing a lot of animal print again but it's going to be even bigger this year as its all about the coloured animal print clothes! so not your average leopard print brown top but maybe even something as outgoing as green or yellow! 


 Remember the days you would have those brightly coloured or even diamanté hair clips you would wear to school if you were that cool? yeah well there coming in big again this year with logo diamond hair clips. Big earrings are also going to be something for sure, like last year they were in but everything is that little more extra this year. Oh and also belts, the more belts on your waist the better! 


illustrator - Emily Warner 

instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ewembroidery/


Brown/camel tones - 

 Silk dresses -


 Hair clips -

 Belt it - 


Long skirts -


Belt bags -

 Big earrings -





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