Thats when I realised I was a shopaholic....

January 14, 2019


So I've always been a big lover for shopping and clothes and anything that catches my eye, don't even get me started on jewellery thats seems to be my latest obsession! Well anyway I'm a student and well when you get your student loan , I don't always think about how I might need to save it for food etc but on how much clothes I can get with it before I'm broke... Sorry ,mum and dad. I mean I wouldn't say I'm the worst but there are things you need, in my case I seem to extend that a lot!


I found myself in toyshop the other day in the line about speaking to someone about a lost parcel that I've been waiting for, and thats when I got swept up by those little stands with items in to grab before you get to check out. I found these gorgeous green velvet and faux leather gloves. Ive never been one to buy gloves but these were gorge and they were calling me, I put them down and thought no, but then I was like well it is winter and your hands were cold the other day, they are on sale and very different to most gloves so really you need them Lou. I wish I was lying and it went exactly like that. Thats when I realised I was just like Rebecca bloodwood out of confessions of a shopaholic. and yes I did buy them...

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