How Im being as plastic free as possible this month! Try it!

January 13, 2019

Hey guys so as January is here and were all trying to work on our new years resolutions, mine is to be as plastic free as possible! Ocean pollution is now one of the biggest problems our planet is facing and if there is any way I can help stop that then I'm going to do it and I encourage you guys to as well! Many people have said to me, "Lou it must be so hard to do that how are you gonna be plastic free?!" Well my friends I'm going to tell you now! There are some certain time when you really can't help it but if there is a non plastic option, ill be sure to take it! So lets get into it!

1. Re-usable carrier bag! -

Take a shopping carrier bag with you instead of getting plastic bags there, I have always done this since moving to uni and its honestly easier as I use my big longchamp bag or a big strong fabric bag and you know they won't rip! Just don't over fill it! 



2. Non packaged fruit and veg-

Don't buy packaged fruits if you don't need to because there usually is always an option that isn't packaged, it still baffles me when i go to the supermarket and I see avocados or sweet potatoes etc packaged and then next to them are exactly the same but without the packaging??? Its so annoying, so be a good person and pick the right one :)



3. Sourcebulk -

foods is a store were you can get foods like pasta, nuts and many more things and you don't have to buy it in plastic packaging and can get it to take away in jars and fabric bags and you can just bring them back in store to refill! Its fab I've heard and its going to be my next stop :)



4. Re-usable water bottle -

Carry a reusable water bottle on you as I often find I go out and I get thirsty so its best to just take your own bottle with you, I have a really good sealed metal bottle that I take with me everywhere, and it makes sure I drink enough water throughout the day! 



5. Prep food -

Food preparation is key when going to work or even uni, I always try and make lunch in the morning before going to class as I know ill get peckish through the day and will want to go and buy food but this will save you money and you also won't be using any packaging thats not needed.


6. Metal straws and reusable plastic coffee cups! -

We all love a good starbucks but they are well known for there green straws, last time I checked they hadn't stopped there plastic straws so be prepared and take a metal straw with you. And if your feeling super kind take a reusable coffee cup and ask them to pour your drink in that instead of using another plastic cup.



7. Miceller water makeup cleanser -

 Instead of using makeup wipes that are a huge part of pollution in the oceans use micelles water and a flannel!



8. Lush shampoo&conditioner bars!-

So I've just jumped onto this and they are great, I wasn't too sure if they would work but they work wonders! Its a bar of shampoo and conditioner with no packaging and you just wet it and rub it into your hair and its all natural ingredients leaving you feeling like a little goddess. I purchased the metal tins to place them in so they don't get wet and dissolve so I highly recommend that!



9. Lush toothpaste tablets! -

Trade up your toothpaste tube for charcoal toothpaste tablets, I recently got these and they work wonders. They do feel weird when you first bite into them but once they dissolve and you brush it in its fine. They have also whitened my teeth and I'm not wasting any plastic so its a bonus!




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