I broke my going out dress code this NYE

January 2, 2019


 Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a fab ending to 2018 with lots of dancing and laughter as well as a good dose of alcohol to top it off. I was debating on going out this NYE as I some how have lost the joys of going out. But that could well just be because this cold weather, I have never understood how girls brace the cold when they go out in there little dresses. I have always tried the whole going out in a little dress and yes its cute but my god I always freeze when getting to town and coming back so I have now converted to a jeans and a nice top girl and my favourite white trainers so I can dance all night long. Yes I sound like a 40 year old mum it is depressing to hear. But I decided instead of staying in and watching films with a pizza ( I would of much preferred now thinking of it ) I did go out and I broke my going out dress code, my boyfriend even said he had never seen me look this dressed up so maybe thats says something, whoops! I had this plan of wearing this dress with my new sparkly over the knee space boots as I call them but wasn't sure that would be a safe idea to be honest on cobbles all night. So I swapped them up for my fave block heel satrapy heels with some cute sheer spotted socks!( that my friend judged me for wearing but has ovbs never read vogue)  Ive always wanted to try this look and well I loved it I never felt more like my little fashionable self. The dress I was wearing was too long for what I wanted that night so I folded it up under this gorge gold belt that is a life saver for times like this! I finished off the look with my statement gold jewellery and my new bag that fitted pretty well! Over all I loved this look and happy I wore it, I felt cute and had a lovely night out, but deffo gonna be a PJ's and film in with a pizza night next NYE I think.


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