How to be your best self!

December 11, 2018

 Trying to be your best self can sometimes be a trouble when you feel like everything bad is happening to you and life just isn't going your way, but it is most the time and you can't see it. I would honestly focus on setting yourself a list out and having weekly goals to check off, start with little things, studies have shown that people that do this will feel a lot better about themselves and it releases a hormone in the body that naturally makes you happier from achieving little goals weekly.


1. Remember that it won't come to you straight away

2. Take time for yourself

3. Socialise with friends and family

4. Work on things you enjoy

5. Eat well, try to cut out fats and sugars as much as possible and I honestly think trying to be vegan when you can really helps with your diet and you feel a lot better

6. workout 

7. Travel often even if its little trips!


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