12 Thoughts I think when travelling in London daily.

November 21, 2018



  1. Why is everyone so serious looking?

  2. I wonder how many business men are on this tube compared to usually people?

  3. She’s deffo a model

  4. Are they sleeping or dead, how many times they gone around the circuit?

  5. I hope I don’t turn this miserable in a few years

  6. why does everyone have to walk so fast, is it just a thing you grow into doing after living here?

  7. There deffo related to the queen

  8. Bet you, there from UAL

  9. I wonder how much there yearly bill comes to from costa’s every morning.

  10. When do people stop making an effort with there looks here.

  11. Thats deffo her sugar daddy

  12. Do we burn more calories walking faster around london than I did before walking a normal pace at home?

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