Nothing says girl boss like a well suited woman!

November 18, 2018

 I love suites on women, I think theres something about it! We are always used to seeing men in suits so when you see a woman wearing a suite with style and rocking it better then how can you not love it! It give such a girl boss/buissness woman vibe but fun and trendy at the same time and well I suppose thats what I want to be so thats probably why I like them so much. We all know the queen who rocks the suite look best though...yes Blake lively, you will be seeing some pics of her in this collection as she is probably the one who wore it best! I deffo need to get my hands on more suites, as I love the one suite I have and thats just black pin striped, so need some colourful ones to show my style a bit better! But there is many way you can style a suite to make it work for you depending on your style. Heel it, sneaker it! honestly put any twist on it to fit you and you will still look just as sophisticated and stylish!





















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