It's trendy to dress like a builder? "The fashion has turned"

November 14, 2018

 Well the fashion has turned! It used to be the unpractical looks that were more fashionable, so now your mum won't be pestering you to put a coat on when you go out and you worrying about it ruining your outfit look!

It has now become fashionable to wear practical clothing for this winter so you don't have to worry about wearing that really cute little outfit and covering it with a big coat because thats what everyone is doing now, have the older generation hacked the fashion system? because I never thought this would be a thing I would be writing about! So when you see girls walking around wearing builder coats, don't worry there career hasn't gone down hill there just keeping up with the latest trend. But honestly don't waste your money on builder looking clothes in places like urban outfitter, you will be paying an extra £40 for that shit!







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