An honest xmas advert from Iceland 2018

November 12, 2018


So as I'm sure a lot of you have heard about the latest Iceland xmas advert for 2018 has been banned from TV, but why? Well thats what my thought was straight away so I watched it and it was honest, it made a point and it was pretty emotional to be honest. Its an advert that I found  needed to be out there for people to understand whats going on behind the products were buying. The advert was to raise awareness of the effects it has on the poor orangutans. There forest are being taken over my 1000's of deforestation people everyday. Thats like someone coming over and ripping our homes down with big diggers and killing people in the process.  We have a voice so that wouldn't happen, but they don't so lets be the voice for these poor animals and save there homes!

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