The only 32 pieces of clothes you actually need in your wardrobe to make it complete!

October 14, 2018


 So I've always been one to keep buying clothes all the times and well do I always need them? probs not but i keep telling myself " I'm a fashion student so this is an essential to look good" yep I'm not even lying its bad. But I wanted to see what essential pieces I had in my wardrobe to be able to mix and match and make lots of different looks and well its do able with 30 pieces in your wardrobe, this doesn't mean stop shopping for clothes though don't worry, as I for sure won't be doing that any time soon! Okay so here are your essentials guys!


1. Black skinny jeans 

2.Blue skinny jeans

3. white boyfriend jeans

4.white button up shirt

5. Blazer of some kind, preferably navy or black

6. tracksuit bottoms

7. oversized hoodie

8.cropped hoodie

9. denim jacket

10. leather jacket

11. animal print faux fur jacket

12. long black coat

13. baker boy hat

14. black heeled boots

15. white platformed trainer

16. strappy block black heel

17. gucci faux fur slip on's

18. biker boots

19. denim skirt

20. hooded water proof

21. romper

22. little black dress

23 little free dress

24. bright coloured jumper

25. white T-shirt

26. black T-shirt

27. Midi pleated skirt

28. over the knee felt black boots

29. military smart short jacket

30. bomber jacket

31. western belt


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