The coolest kid on the block

September 4, 2018

 Have you seen a kid that looks so cool before?? @coco_pinkprincess on Instagram is everyones inspiration with her vibrant looks that she has been wearing. For a 5 year old she doesn't half have some killer style! When I was 5 I thought I was cool but now looking at her I looked like a tramp compared to these looks. To be honest I wouldn't want to dress like this at this age as I feel she is deffo not dressing her age but I will give it to her that she does look good.


Her parents own a child designer shop and thats when they decided to start using there daughter as there model to advertise there children's selection for there shop. Later on she got approached by big brands more and more to advertise there child designer pieces and well she's doing a great job as she's taking the fashion family by storm and has a huge following of 625k followers on Instagram, and she's only 5!!






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