The Ferragnez's wedding! Better than the royals wedding!

September 2, 2018

It was the big day for Chiara and  Fedez yesterday when they finally tied the knot! Chiara has never been one for doing things small, its all go big or go home with her so when it came to there wedding we knew it was going to hopefully be exquisite! and it sure was! From the customised plane for there guests to the fairy tale customised Dior wedding dress! Chiara had 3 different dresses that she wore through the two days.The night before the wedding she wore a gorgeous customised Prada dress that was beautiful and then she had her gorgeous and elegant wedding dress that was designed by Maria Grazia herself! who also designed her dress for the night party that was crafted by hand made stitches of lyrics that Fedez sang to Chiara when he proposed to her. The dress then altered to turn into a little party dress that she could have fun in for her big wedding night! The after party for the wedding was insane as they created a fair ground with ferris wheels and merry go rounds and much more fun stuff like that ,where the guests could enjoy themselves! Overall I honestly think they pulled off the best wedding of the year, and in my head anyway it deffo beat the royals wedding!





















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