Metal straws is the future!

June 16, 2018

 Hey guys so I'm going to be doing a post all about plastic straws! ikr how exciting!... Okay so plastic straws is one of the most biggest problems on our beaches today, well you might not see it on your local beach but its ending up somewhere else. The beautiful oceans around our planet are being polluted by plastics like straws. Americans use 500 million straws a day, 500million?! thats insane! also those 500millions straws a day and if not more have to go somewhere, yes you think they just go in the bin. Well they do but most of them end up going into our oceans as theres not enough land fill space to put them all and you can't burn them due to the toxins they would let off. So yeah they end up in the sea and are taking over the sea's. 


Sea creatures end up eating these straws or even turtles getting them stuck up there noses, causing them to struggle to breathe or even die ( theres a video of a turtle that has a straw stuck up its nose if you scroll ) maybe if people saw this then they would stop using straws all together as these poor creatures are having to suffer for us. So the new way to stop this is straw bans! and replace that plastic straw with a metal straw or even a bamboo straw but metal is better! they can be purchased online and there also super cheap! and you can keep them and take them around so you don't ever have the excuse of " having to" use a plastic straw again. small steps guys but were slowly making a difference! 


Purchase your metal straw today at www.Sand  only £3.00! and it comes with a cute little bag and brush so you can clean it out easily! If you don't think thats a deal then I don't know what is! 




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