Dior Cruise 2019 show

May 26, 2018

 So Dior has to be my favourite designer by far, ok well Chanel as well there on parr at the moment haha! ok so whenever any of the Dior shows comes up I always get excited because they always surprise you with there location in really cool places!This year it took place at the Great Stables of the Domaine de Chantilly an hour outside of Paris. The location was beautiful even know the weather wasn't exactly the same, the models braved it out when they had to walk the show in pouring rain as the venue had an open roof with beautiful streamers there instead. The show had an opening of Mexican rodeo ridders riding around the show to introduce the theme of the night. Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to incorporate mens style and Mexican style coming back in together so she showed this with the women dressed in mens styled outfits such as suits or shirts and ties but with a Mexican twist to it with the long fluffy skirts worn in some of the outfits.  She also brought out new designs in there well known  sheer dresses that make there way into every collection , designed in a different way.






















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