Women crush Wednesday - Mimi Elashiry

April 4, 2018

Its back guys, its been a while but its back. I realised I should of done a post about this girl a long time ago as she is honestly my idol, she is a crazy little spirit animal who dances under the moonlight parties, all day and night at festivals in her  go to cowboy boots. Eats good loving food thats good for you and she is drop dead gorgeous, did I mention she is also very into spirituality and loves to do all that cool stuff, she is defiantly someone to follow on instagram, she has a huge following of 900k and she deserves every single one of them followers. She likes to send the message about the world being a more equal place and more eco friendly through her own photography, if its either on film or even a quick snap on her phone, either way she gets the message across through her quirky pics! :) 















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