The teddy Bear Coat

January 16, 2018

 Hey guys so I've been seeing this going around a lot recently the "teddy bear coat" why is it called that? well I'm guessing because of the fact it makes your look like a big teddy bear due to the material used for the coats is your typical teddy bear material. This is the perfect essential your going to need in your wardrobe for this winter, Its not going to be getting any warmer until spring and theres no point freezing by not wearing a big fluffy coat. I would personally wear this all year around as it looks like the comfiest coat ever! Im deffo going to be purchasing one of these myself! So anyway guys heres some of the teddy bear coats that you can purchase from stores that are available to you and reasonably priced. This coats also come in many didn't colours and different types of material, so your options are very wide.





Warehouse - £40 (reduced from £90)

 ASOS - £90

 Choies £32

 H&M - £39.99



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