The oversized hoodie

January 4, 2018


 Ive been sat here for the past 40mins trying to figure out what to post about and then I think on how I can write about the style that I wear and I've recently realised how much I will catch myself just wearing a big hoodie and not making much effort with my look, its bad to be honest I'm supposed to be a fashion blogger haha. Us girls can't get enough of a good oversized " boyfriend hoodie" Its basically just an oversized hoodie, that is just not made for us. But we are forever taking them off boys and it has now become some kind of instinct to do this. Anyway Im going to be showing you guys some ways you can style your oversized hoodies, and not just lounge around your house in it. This look has been seen more and more recently by more and more fashion bloggers and on the runways so lets kick it off by showing you guys some ways to wear an oversized hoodie or even just a bigger hoodie with your outfit for this season! xoxo Thatgirl






















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