Top 9 German Xmas stalls to go to around the world

December 17, 2017

 Hey guys so Christmas is literally a week away on Monday and I couldn't be more excited! You know its christmas when you go out and the xmas stalls are dotted everywhere and that strong smell of german sausages and hot chocolate fill the air! Well maybe thats just me... Anyway I recently went around my nearest Xmas stalls that were , London,Liverpool and Manchester and I love going to them so I can only imagine how cool the other xmas stalls would be that are around the world, deffiantly the places where theres snow!


going around xmas stalls are the ultimate thing to do for xmas, and well if you haven't already then I give you permission to stop reading this and go and check out your nearest xmas stalls. There is always loads of stalls that are in little wooden huts that are inspired by German xmas markets years ago and have now become more popular around the world. 


There stalls usually consist of yummy food stalls that will be suitable for everyone! They have food that is for meat eaters, like the german sausages ;) and then they also have vegan food at some stalls as this is more popular you should be able to find something for yourself if your vegan , veggie or even dairy free.


They also have bars that will be full of happy drunk people singing xmas songs, well that was my case when i went the other night anyway and its honestly rather nice being surrounded by such happy and festive people! They have hot chocolate stalls and mulled wine if your feeling extra festive and something to keep your self warm when your walking around on the cold winter nights.


Anyway guys heres some of the best German xmas stalls around the world to visit!













 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

















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