Jaz it up this fall!

November 18, 2017


 So winter is approaching and we can't let the cold weather keeping us wearing jeans to keep warm all the time. If only you could wear your favourite denim summer shorts and stay warm as well? Well I have a solution for all you people who are like me and can never 100% let go of a bit of summer clothing. 


There are many types of tights you can wear this fall with skirts, shorts, dresses etc. You can even wear two pairs at the same time to add detail and  a bit of warmth! I would personally go all out on some days and wear two pairs if I knew it was going to be a bit nippy outside but still wanted to wear something short. A good pair of knitted tights and some jazzy fish nets over the top and you will be setting a new trend.


There are now also tights that have quotes on that I find are pretty cool and ones with stars, stripes basically anything your looking for.


Socks over tights? yep I'm making it a thing, actually it was probably already a thing but I tried it recently and I I find it works great when you want to wear tights like fishnets that are so uncomfortable to wear on your feet I personally think.


Heres some ideas for you guys!








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