En route to London

November 10, 2017

"Always forward...never backwards
Dreams big....I am ready" I read on my cherry red beanie lying on the train table in front of me, occupied by a vogue magazine and Italian designer bag. The sun is blinding through the window and I'm being swallowed up by the London accents surrounding me. it's the 10th of November and I'm heading towards London for a uni open day at London fashion college, is it a dream college I want to go to? Yes! And I'm praying that I figure out a way to get myself there next September. I never used to be this driven with anything, I was always planning to travel as soon as I finnished college and was on the border of dropping out last year, I think my parents are relieved for my path change now. I studied photography and as much as I love getting my camera out and snapping away moments and creating crisp looking blog pics, the course took the fun out of it for me and I later realised it was more of a hobby.

Fashion on the other hand is something I could handle with the pressure and I'm driven in. Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and many more famous designers didn't get anywhere without a bit of blood and tears and well if that's what it takes for me to just get myself to this uni I'm prepared , so bring it on!

I'm currently snacking on some spicy walkers crisps, I was unaware that I picked up spicy ones because if you know me I don't like spice. Whilst catching up with my best pal who is currently living in Paris. Oh how I would love to go to Paris and see the fashion exhibitions and the tall prestine designer shops filling the streets of Paris. The only vocabulary I know in French is how to say where I live, hello, chocolate croissant and cheese. I wonder how far I would get in Paris by myself hey! Probs to the bakery and I would be stuck from there.
I often like to go to London every year around xmas time to see the xmas stalls and the lights with my sister and mum but this trip is going to be slightly different. I'm making my mum my personal photographer for the weekend and I have a duffle bag full of outfits to shoot. My mum was telling me how I shouldn't pack to much as it's just the weekend but what girl ever listens to that? As I look across the carriage there's a very attractive American girl that grabs my attention by not just her strong accent but her ever so fashionable sailor hat. It's something that looks like she could of purchased it from a fancy dress shop but girl she is rocking it. She is having a disagreement with the ticket guy on how her friend purchased her ticket for her online . How many times have we heard that one honey?

Today's outfit was fashionable but sensible , as I left the house this morning I left relieved for my clothing choice as I wrap my faux brown fur coat around my body trying to keep in some body heat. It was so cold I had to wear my beanie but it's also a go to fashion statement so it made it okay. I had to bring a bit of luck with me to London so I paired this with my gold patterned antique jacket that is beautiful and I'm forever getting compliments on whenever I wear it. To Finnish it off I wore my primark navy smart pants ,Italian black leather brogue like shoes and my across Italian designer bag that I was kindly given by a friend.
We're an hour and 30mins into our journey and I'm very excited to get to London and feel the energy of the city creatures who never sleep. 

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